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Avoid Spam

Spam is everywhere on the internet and even originates within offices. The key to minimising the amount of spam you need to sift through is to have a solution installed to filter your email movements at your email gateway. This will protect you from spam and also from viruses and worms contained within emails. You should then ensure that your employees use your company email policy which should include the following:

  • Never make a purchase from an unsolicited email. Apart from protecting you against fraudulent sales schemes, your email address will not be known to be active and will not, therefore be added to emailing lists used by the spammers.
  • If you do not recognise the sender of an email message do not even open it. By deleting it unopened you will be protecting yourself against viruses or other exploits that could damage your computer.
  • Never respond to any spam email or use any of the links in the message. This even includes replying to "unsubscribe" or "be removed " from lists.
  • Do not use your email software to preview emails received as this can send messages to the spammer.
  • When sending out emails to a number of recipients, use the blind copy field to conceal their email addresses. This helps protect against spammers "harvesting" traps.
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